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  • Student Planner and Homework
    Students are given homework Monday thru Thursday.  Monday and Tuesday, the students homework consists of assignments on student planner. Wednesday and Thursday, they are given worksheet homework. Your child is sent home with a folder on these days, remind them to bring it to school on a daily basis.   

Theresa Medina's Calendar
Websites for Learning
Fun websites for your kids to learn and play. 
What we're working on...
  • Spanish
    We are learning vocabulary words that consists of rooms and items found in a house.

          La Casa

    We will be learning the Spanish vocabulary for verbs.

         Los Verbos

  • Reading
    We are working on...
    • Letter recognition, letter sounds, syllables, building words, reading decodable readers and  rhyming words

  • Social Studies
      • Read articles from "Time for Kids"
      • Election - Who will be President?
      • "All About Owls" and "Friendship" and
      • Why and how we celebrate Thanksgiving
    • Science
      We just working on...
      • Weather and Seasons
    • Writing
      Students are working on daily handwriting in all areas
    • Everyday Math
      • Counting and identifying numbers
      • Writing daily math calendar (identifying numbers, tally marks)
      • Give the next number
      • Body Height Comparison
      • Exploring Ten frames

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