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Student of the Month
  • Student of the Month
    Our Student of the Month for October is Lily Arguello!!!!November Student of the month is Kylie Lopez!!!! Congratulations to them!! Students earn student of the month for having good behavior, attendance, academics, and turning in their daily homework.                                                                                         Click to view

Nightly Homework: Students always have a set of spelling words to be studying. Refer your child's student planner for their word list. Spelling tests are given weekly. It is crucial that students are able to read their sight words automatically in order to read fluently. I asked that students read a book or story Monday through Thursday and one day during their weekend break. Please remember to sign your child's reading log with the title of the story. Students will be required to read for 20 minutes daily in January As long as your child meets their goal at the end of the month they will be receiving a coupon for a personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut! Be sure to choose reading material at your child's reading level and remember that students always have the opportunity to check out books in our classroom in case you are limited to books at home. Please follow your child's homework weekly calendar.  Any writing assignments should be written in your child's composition journal which I will collect on Fridays and hand out on Mondays. Lastly, check homework binders for math worksheets or notes.    

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Important Information
  • Our Pacing
    We are currently working on Theme One in reading.  Students are learning about animals in their habitats.  They have learned about declarative, interrogative and exclamatory sentences.  We are also focusing on beginning and final consonant blends.  Students have also been expanding their writing skills daily. We have written some short stories along with letters to Santa!  Comprehension Strategies of focus are Summarizing, Story Structure, Question techniques,  Noting Details,  Making Predictions, and Cause and Effect.

    In Math we have begun Unit for which entails Measurement and Data.  We are still working on skip counting by two's, five's and ten's.  Please continue to assist your child counting coins and relate their math homework to everyday life such as shopping, weather reports, counting objects etc.   We will be working hard measuring items and each other for the next few weeks.
  • Learn those sight words!
    Dear families,

    I'd like to share a few tips for helping your child at home in learning their sight words. Please try to make studying sight words fun and engaging!  Remember that your child's goal is to become a fluent reader. Always review past sight word lists with your child when studying! The following are some ideas to make learning sight words fun.

    1. Play Bingo

    2. Form letters with play-dough

    3. Write sight words in shaving cream

    4. Highlight them when reading

    5. Use magnets

    6. Write them in the air

    7. Play Hangman